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UFOs & Supernatural Magazine ranks as "A best and most trusted psychic medium." Helping you unravel your intuitive knowing.




In a psychic reading I work directly with my spirit guides and yours. You will receive guidance and advice regarding your past, present and future. I will answer any questions you may have pertaining to health, career, finances, love and relationships and anything else you wish to discuss. You will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.




I will connect directly with the spirit world and your loved ones who have passed over; bringing any messages they have for you. If it is a time of particular stress, loss, indecision or depression, spirit knows and they come forward to assist you in this. I am merely the conduit through which they communicate. Spirit will bring information about your past, present, future, loved ones, as well as your questions about finances, relationships, health and career.


I am an evidential medium. This means I will provide facts and information about your loved one and yourself that I could not possibly have known, such as particular dates, issues, events, nick names, special activities and the like. You will know it is your loved one I am connecting with. I will first focus on determining who the spirit is, how they passed, what their emotional state was before passing and I will then provide factual evidence that I am communicating with your loved one through specific details provided by spirit. Once this is established, I will provide the messages spirit has for you regarding your career, health, relationships or finances. At this point, you may ask any questions you like.


There is significant energy shift following any reading and it takes time to process this shift. Please take time for yourself and allow for the absorbing of the information in the way that works best for you.

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